Friday, October 24, 2008

Phillies Phanatic :D

Last night Kelsey had a party at her apartment for the Phillies game, and this kid named Bobby was there.  This is his head - how awesome is that!?!  I'm really enjoying this Phillies Phever that is going on around here... everywhere you go there are people decked out in jerseys and tshirts and hats, there are signs in windows, spray painted signs on sheets that are hung at overpasses... it's just really fun!  

So... KELSEY AND I ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!  We have tickets for Saturday night's game... the 3rd game of the World Series.  It's also the first game back in Philly, so it's going to be absolutely insane.  If you watch the game, look for us!  We'll be two blonde girls wearing red (hehe).  No but seriously - we'll be sitting on the 1st base line, all the way in the last section down, right by the big yellow foul pole.  I still can't believe I am going to the World Series... it hasn't even hit me yet!  We are so excited!!!


lindsey said...

how'd you get tickets? i read that the cheapest seats at brokers is over $400.
that's so awesome!

kelly. said...

ahh that is so crazy!! have an awesome time :)