Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!

Last night I drove into the city before the World Series game and met Kelsey and her friends at Citizen's Bank Park to tailgate and celebrate.  IT WAS SO INSANE!  People had rigged up TVs on top of vans and there were mobile homes with TVs in them so that everyone knew what was going on.  Plus, the radios were on in a lot of cars, so we listened to a lot of the game.  Right when the Phillies won, Kelsey was on TV!!  She was on some guy's shoulders, and we were all crowded around this little tv trying to see, and there was a camera crew there.  After we won, she got a text from one of our PACAA friends that she'd seen her on the news.

About an hour after we won, things started to get really crazy.  I mean...really, REALLY crazy.  About a row away from us, a couch was lit on fire.  Then, right next to that, an SUV was flipped over and smashed.  (It had Florida plates... ) 
 I couldn't believe that.  People were throwing beer bottles everywhere - I got hit in the back by one.  So, since I was sober, I decided it was time to get outta there and get home into my safe, warm bed.

The events of the rest of the night need to be reco
rded, so that I can remember it in 5 years.

Crazy thing #1 that happened - On the way back to my car, I was basically jumped by these guys in a black SUV.  They were talking to me about the Phillies and everything was cool and they asked me where I was going and I said "Home" and they said "Oh you should come party with us" and I said "No, I really have to get home to my mom, she's sick."  And then the back door opened and this guy tried to grab me!  Then they took off and I ran to my car and called Kelsey.  I was so freaked out - all of her guy friends ran over to my lot in record time and searched for the black SUV, but they were nowhere in sight.  So, Kelsey's friend Kristie (who was sober as well) offered to drive me and Kels back to West Chester in my car.  Everything was crazy - Kelsey and Kristie left their purses in a friend's car, but we just wanted to get out of there - so once everyone got out, we were all going to meet at a Wawa to get everything sorted out with the cars and purses/wallets/phones, etc.  

This is when crazy thing number 2 happened.  We drive all the way down 95 and back to the West Chester area.  We are about to make a right hand turn, when a cop turns on his lights and sirens, and pulls us over.  SHIT SHIT SHIT.  I mean, Kristie was sober, but she's only 19 and didn't have her wallet, thus- no ID.  Plus Kelsey and I were sitting in the back which is always a really shady thing.  So the cop finally comes up to the car, shines his flashlight in our faces and stars like, interrogating us about where we had been that night.  When we tell him that we were at the Phillies game, he goes completely asshole on us.  Won't let any of us talk or explain anything.  FINALLY he tells us that the reason he pulled us over is because we didn't have our headlights on.  

We are up front with him and tell him that we had all been drinking, but that we were fine to drive.  We explain the situation that happened in the parking lot and tell him that's why no one had their IDs (except for me)--- because we were all just rushing to get out of there ASAP.  He just kept saying he was going to arrest us if we didn't tell the truth - but we WERE telling the truth!  He said he could easily arrest us for underage drinking, providing to minors (me), driving without a license, etc etc.  He then told us that we had to call a parent to come get us, or else he was arresting all 3 of us.  He implied that I had supplied to minors (which I hadn't, in all honesty.  I brought my own beer and they brought their own.)  And he was pissed because Kristie didn't have her license.  

So then we had to decide which parent to call.  (Which I don't even understand because we are not minors.)  Most of you know that my Dad is NOT an option.  Kristie only lives with her Dad and said that if she called him, she would never be allowed out of the house again.  So...that left our Mom.  Our poor mother, who has cancer and is recovering from a major surgery.   But... Kristie wasn't going to call her dad, so it was either call my mom or get arrested.

So when the cop came back to the car (he left us to "have a little discussion" amongst ourselves about what we were going to do.  When the cop came back, I told him that we were going to call our Mom, but that I was very upset about having to call her because of her situation.  He didn't care AT ALL.  Then I told him that she was coming from Wilmington, DE and he got all pissed and huffy puffy and was like "I don't have time to babysit you while you wait for your mom to come from Wilmington"  ... WELL WHAT THE HELL DUDE!  YOU WOULDN'T LET US CALL ANYONE BUT A PARENT, AND I HAVE DELAWARE PLATES... OBVIOUSLY MY PARENTS LIVE IN DELAWARE!!!!!

The rest of it was just ridiculous.  My mom didn't know how to get to where we were... so the cop told her we'd meet her at the Springfield Mall.  So he let Kristie drive us all the way to the mall... then my mom got lost, so the cop made us drive to the Staples parking lot like 5 minutes away... all the while, Kristie is driving and is absolutely fine.  We finally meet up with my mom, and the cop goes, "Well ma'am, I'm going to leave it up to your judgement on whether or not they can drive the car home."  WHAAAAT... after all that shit, he dragged her out of bed and made her drive 30 minutes to PA and he said we're allowed to drive!?!  WTF!!?!?

My mom wasn't that angry or annoyed... she was just confused as to why the cop wouldn't just let us drive.  He could have breath-alized us and we would have passed with flying colors.  When the cop finally drove off, she was laughing and joking around with us.  Thank god...we thought she was going to kill us.

So I drove Kelsey and Kristie to the Wawa where all of our friends were waiting (all of them were so confused because they saw us get pulled over... and then we were texting them throughout the cop ordeal.)  We all drove back to West Chester and went to bed.  I had to take Kelsey and Kristie to Wawa and my mom just wanted to drive home...  and I didn't know how to get back to DE from the Springfield Wawa, so I just slept at West Chester and drove back this morning.

Moral of the story: Drive with your headlights on, and pray that you are lucky enough to have a cool parent like my mom.


lindsey said...

wow you're brave! megan and i enjoyed it from the comfort of our bed! just heard the broad st. celebrators.
that cop is a jerk, he's just jealous he had to work instead of watch the game :-)

erin said...

wow! what an ordeal. sounds like a crazy night! at least your mom was cool about the whole thing!