Thursday, October 16, 2008

Go Phillies!

While my heart belongs to the Baltimore Orioles, I must say that growing up surrounded by Philadelphia Phillies fans and actually going to more Phillies games as a kid than Orioles games has definitely shaped the fact that I can't NOT root for them! I watched every game of the playoffs but one - and last night's game was intense and amazing! I would have done anything to be in Philly last night!! The game was amazing, and they were leading all along. The first batter up was Rollins and he kick started the game by hitting a home run for the Phils!!

I can't wait for the World Series! I love baseball!!

Lindsey- if they win the World Series, I AM COMING IN TO THE CITY!!!!

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lindsey said...

DEFINITELY! we were talking to a woman at the columbus day parade and she said they'd definitely have a huge parade if the phillies win...i'm not a phillies fan, but i'm super excited!