Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lindsey Wins!!

Lindsey got the question right from a few posts ago... all you have to do is say "Bark Park?!" to Sydney, and her ears perk up and she stares at you with this intense look that says, "Are you REALLY going to take me to the BP or are you just trying to make me look cute?"  Haha.

This photo was taken the first time that I met Lindsey and Megan - it was at Outfest in Philly in the fall of 06.  A little over two years ago!  Megan is all the way to the left, and Lindsey is in between her and Em.  Lindsey and Megan live in Philly, and just moved into the cutest apartment.  We visited them the other day at their housewarming party.  They also have two very cute dogs - Dexter and Jack.  :)

Today has been a pretty slow day.  It's kind of nice, because the last 6 days or so have been a flurry of visitors and company, which was really nice, but my mom and I had kind of gotten into a routine.  We wake up around 9am, drink coffee and watch "morning shows" together.  (The Today Show, Regis & Kelly, etc.)  Then my mom usually takes more pain medication and lays back down for a late morning nap, and I read or surf the internet.  Then, she gets up feeling more energized and we usually do something... run an errand or walk down to the mailbox or straighten up the kitchen.  Small tasks, but they make my mom feel like she's doing something.  
It was kind of nice today to get back into our routine.  My mom is getting rid of her AOL account (THANK GOD!) and so today I set up a Gmail account for her and showed her "the ropes".  It's going to take her awhile to get used to archiving things instead of saving them into folders, but she does agree that Gmail makes things a lot simpler and it's easier to navigate.  My poor mom is still stuck in the world of AOL though... where you sign on, and have the internet and your mail and your buddy list all in the same window.  

Tonight is the first game of the World Series!  We want to watch the game with other people, but my mom doesn't really feel up to going to a bar or anything like that.  We'll see.


erin said...

I love daytime tv! The 3 weeks I was home I made sure I watched Regis & Kelly! Most days I come home for lunch and Oprah is on at 1 and Ellen is on at 2, so I watch one of them...

I love gmail, I seriously could work promoting it to everyone. Labels might be my favourite feature. Like I'm seriously addicted.

lindsey said...

aw i love that picture! that seems so so long ago, i guess it was, it was before we moved to philly.
i <3 gmail so much! after apple, it's my favorite technological love. my favorite part is that i have my school emails forwarded to my gmail address but i can then reply to school emails using my school email address through gmail. i also have gmail installed for my domain which is great bc the webmail for my host is ugly and insanely user-unfriendly.
i think i have an advantage for knowing dog-speak bc we can't even say park w/o dogs going insane, we have to spell it out.
sat or sun maybe we can schedule a phillies' party, esp sun if they SWEEP!