Thursday, June 4, 2009


Things I am trying to get used to:

-Waking up earlier when Sydney hears Rugger and Kim get up and begs to be let out of my room (which I actually like, because now I'm getting on a real sleep schedule).  In that same regard, I go to bed much earlier, because my roommate tends to work early, so she goes to bed usually around 11.  
-Not feeling safe outside at night by myself.
-Having to walk Sydney on a leash (poor thing... she hasn't had to use a leash in about two years).
-Hearing sounds all around me at night.  People talking, someone dragging something heavy and metal outside, a baby crying next door, a car revving its engine outside my window.  This made me realize how secluded we really were at the old house.
-Having DVR again, after two years of missing it desperately!
-Not having the TV on all day everyday - I was never that much into watching TV too much, but my old roomies enjoyed having it on.  It's kind of nice to enjoy the silence of the living room without hearing the television in the background all day.

I don't mind getting used to some of these things, but I think it will take me awhile to get used to a few of them.  Especially having to walk Sydney at night, in a parking lot with a few grassy spots.  She usually does her business quickly, but I can't help but be paranoid every time I see someone sitting on their porch, watching me.

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Emmers said...

hey its a lot nicer than camden glen!! And, there is no random wiffs of swamp/sewer/nastyness from the creek area (although I am going to miss living so close to the woods - especially the owls!!)