Friday, June 5, 2009

Two photos that made me smile

I had to upload some photos from yesterday onto my computer this morning, and totally forgot about a bunch of pics that were on there.  These two made me laugh!  The first is a photo Kels tried to take of her and me on moving day last Friday.  My mom was on the front porch and snuck into the picture!  I had totally forgotten about this one, and I love it!  The second photo is from a few nights ago.  Our couches haven't been delivered yet to our apartment, so Kim and I have been eating lots of dinners picnic-style, and using the one folding chair, and one regular chair that we own (although, the regular chair seen on the right in the photo is "Rugger's Chair" ... he loves to curl up in it, so its usually full of white hair.  However, out of desperation for a place to sit, we've been using it too, and Rugger has had to find a place on the floor!)  PS. Dinner that night was cheese ravioli, salad, and garlic bread.  And beer.  Yum!


Emmers said...

still no couches!?! -

Olivia said...

Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're having an awesome weekend?

Vickie said...

We had positively great weather on our drive through your Virginia. You go to school in a terrifically stunning area.