Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sneak Preview

I'm too tired to post a series of photos - so here is one of the two cuties I was photographing today. J & J were so patient and the oldest J was such a little model! I'm having some issues with Aperture, so this is the unedited version of this photo, however I don't need to make many adjustments (noise reduction, definitely) but those boys really were a pleasure to photograph.

I'm pretty much packed up now - my alarm is set for 6:45am, and all I need to do is fold the dry laundry, pack my PACAA things (sheets, fan, know, the important things!), pack Sydney's things, and then we are off. But not before stopping for the largest Star.bucks ever on the way out of town!!


HR said...

i can't even comprehend packing for pacaa right now...i'm struggling just getting ready for training weekend!! haha

lindsey said...

i like what i see so far, the bokeh in the bg in nice! maybe just a little lighter on their faces, but looks really nice

Emmers said...

nice one Kris!! I like the pose you chose, the colors (nice use of the red shirts with the deep green background) and the nice blurry background :-) See you tomorrow around 9 :) if you wanna come up early and get some dinner, let me know - I'll be at the Y till around 6:30, but I will have my phone on me