Monday, June 29, 2009


I love that I am here right now. I miss NC, my roommate, and my friends down there, but sometimes it's just good to be home. Friday night we went to Staff Training and got a lot done - I am so excited for my values group and classes, and I can't wait to start planning for our staff special event. Each night at PACAA there is a special event put on by a group of staff (Jr. Staff, Staff Associates, Senior Staff, etc.) For our senior staff special event we are doing stations, where the kids are split into groups and hit each station throughout the evening. Usually at the stations we do games or silly things, but for our event, each station will be a small service project! I was put in charge of figuring out the "Alex's Lemonade Station" ... so I need to figure out a small service project we can do to benefit ALSF.

After training was over, we went to Rachel's and cooked out, played games and talked all night. Yesterday we had lunch in Chatham with Em and then drove back to DE. Last night was like a blast from the past. After chinese food with my mom and Carlos, I went to Matt's mom's house, which is right over the line in NJ (About 10 mins from my house). In high school we used to go out there all the time, because Matt's mom lives on a tributary that leads to the Delaware River, so she has a 3 story barge that sits behind her house in the water, and we used to have parties on it all the time. Last night I went over there and hung out with some kids from high school who I haven't seen in four years. Seriously, since the day we graduated high school. It was great...and Becky (Matt's sister) was there, so it was fun to hang out with her too.

Today I'm just hanging out, Matt and I might go take some photos downtown. Wednesday I'm going to the O's/Red Sox game with my dad and then staying in Ctown for a few days.

If the weather stays like this, I will be a very happy girl!


Vickie said...

How about yellow and white glass beads bracelets to sell for donations? There easy and young people love to make them.


lindsey said...

the barge sounds incredible!
have fun this week & next week we'll do margaritas!