Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photos, Plans, Funny Story

Last Saturday night I babysat with Kim for a group of 5 children (from two different families). I brought along my camera at the request of one of the mom's, and got some really great shots. I love the first one, of Mara. She is incredibly photogenic!

I've been really lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with Jacob, the boy who Kim babysits. He's 4 and he's an absolute joy to be around. I am so proud of him because today he jumped into the pool all by himself - no arms to jump into!

I'm making plans to head back up north for the end of June for Staff Training and July 4th, plus my mom just got tickets to see the Phillies on July 9th. I'm excited, I can't wait to go home and hang out in Ctown for awhile, it was such a tease to go there for Meg's grad party and not be able to stay and hang out, go on the boat, go to the Fi.sh Whis.tle, etc.

Funny story from today: We were in the pool, and Kim went to work out and left Jake with me for awhile. The sun went behind a cloud, and I got a little chilly. We all know what happens to girls (chest wise) when it gets a little chilly. Well, Jacob jumped into the pool and swam over to me. I was in the shallow end, so the water only came up to my waist. I picked him up and he pointed to my nipple and said "What is that? The start button?" !!!???!!! I have no clue where this came from, or if he heard it from somewhere, but I laughed so hard I had to get out of the pool. It didn't even phase him, he just went about splashing in the pool. Kids are so crazy!

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lindsey said...

are you gonna be around for the 4th? we've tossed around going to the concert on the parkway & the fireworks, but nothing solid.