Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick Pic

I snapped this cute pic of Sydney and Rugger in our living room tonight.  We're having this wicked storm: tons of rain, wind, thunder and lightning.  It's amazing that we still have power!  They're warning about flash floods all over Greensboro, so we're inside tonight, hanging out.  The dogs are getting along great, they love playing together all day.  Sydney is getting used to having Rugger attempt to hump her all day - I think he'll eventually realize that she's not lookin' for that!  ;-)

Everything else is great.  The kids that my roomie Kim babysits for have been hanging out with us this week.  Yesterday we tie dyed, today we went swimming and saw UP in 3D!  It was really good - I laughed really hard, shed a few tears, and got a little nauseous from the 3D glasses, but it was a really great movie.  Everyone should see it!

Quiz: Can anyone make out what any of my DVDs are by enlarging the photo?  It's blurry... but you can definitely tell what a few of them are!


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Your doggies are SUPER CUTE!